Legacy ETHIC Account

What is ETHIC?

An Ethic is a transactional token,bought and sold by legacy agents. They can be exchanged for groceries, fuel, electricity and cash.

Ethic has two separate parts, as a payment protocol and a crypto currency.

Created by Singapore based Legacy in 2017.
Legacy is a Digital Financial start-up that primarily deals in online transaction Systems and wanted to develop a unique payments solution, between digital account holders in various Jurisdictions.

As a financial institution in a completive market, the Ethic Product was developed to assist LEGACY in traditional fiat financial transactions. In the past year, LEGACY has created a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), a currency exchange.

Our objective, is to develop a payment network in each country into which an exchange occurs.

ETHIC was developed to operate purely between Legacy and is not available to other financial business yet. ETHIC connects people, payment providers, and corporates via LEGACY to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. All of LEGACY transactions are recorded on the decentralized Legacy Ledger.

ETHIC as digital currency is native to the LEGACY payment network. As such, it is not available yet on the open market. ETHIC is used in the LEGACY payment network to make transitions and pay transaction fees. ETHIC transactions take minutes from the time an account holder wishes to send money and to when it is received by the recipient.

Legacy ETHIC .....offers access to a borderless community in cyberspace, where the community can exchange funds without jurisdictional limitations to a recipient of their nomination via Legacy VIP.

  •  The availability to the recipient is almost immediate and held for up-to 72 hours. If not claimed within this time, the depositor is refunded.

  • There is no risk involved for the customer, why? Legacy Ethic, is a crypto currency, owned by Legacy.vip

  •  In short, ETHIC is a block chain method to settle transfers between Legacy gateways.

  • The open-source nature the block chain has allowed developers to create a wide range of new crypto currencies. ETHIC is not a copy of Bitcoin. It does, however, share many of the same decentralized ledger keeping properties similar to Bitcoin. A big difference is because new coins are not mined into existence.

  •  The customer will pay only commission, exchange rates and fees, which are agreed in advance of the initial exchange but may vary depending on exchange rates at the time of deposit.

  • The asset belongs to Legacy VIP, who will offer limited Ethic shares to its agents – namely, Classwave, Legacy World and in future Legacy Global.

  • As this product is an Asset and not a Remittance it is not restricted by banking authorities, therefore it is a legal product. The Asset always remains the property of Legacy VIP and may not be sold to 3rd parties, only approved agents.

This product offers customers to be released from financial bondage, and empowers them to invest in what is important to them, whether locally or internationally.

Transactional Card Fees

  • Once off activation fee R50.00
  • Card Loading fee 3%
  • Cash deposit fee 3%
  • Point of sale transaction at merchants Free
  • Monthly Fee R25.00

ATM Transactions

  • Standard Bank ATM Transaction R10.00
  • Other Bank’s ATM transaction R17.50
  • Standard Bank ATM balance inquiry R3.00
  • Other Bank’s ATM balance inquiry R4.45
  • Pin Reset Fee R5.50 per reset request

Cashback at Point of Sale

  • R2.60 per cashback where there is a POS purchase with the cashback
  • R3.35 per cashback where no POS purchase is performed


Do you want to send money home? Simply open a Legacy Account
or download the application form and submit it to support@legacy.vip.